Co-Workers Hit Jackpot On Scratch-Off Ticket On Lunch Break

Two Kentucky Co-Workers Hit Jackpot On Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket On Lunch Break

Two Kentucky co-workers hit the jackpot on a scratch-off lottery ticket during their break, the state lottery revealed on Tuesday.

Valu Market cashiers Tyesha Trice and Dylan Mitchell decided to purchase two scratch-off tickets on a whim earlier this week, according to CBS News.

Co-Workers Split A Pair Of Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets On A Whim, And Win Money On Both

The first one, a $30 ticket, won them $100 prompting the duo to buy another, this one being a $50 500x ticket.

“We were excited about the first win,” the co-workers said in a press release. “We even did a little fist bump.”

Their luck continued after discovering they won $500 after scratching the first spot. But their luck did not run out just yet.

After scratching off the rest of the spots on the second ticket, they noticed they won $50,000, leaving them with $17,875 each after taxes, the outlet reports.

“I saw the second one and thought I was going to pass out,” Trice said.

Lottery Winners Reveal What They Plan To Do With Winnings: “I’ll Never Forget It,” One Said

Michell, who was actually celebrating his birthday on the day they hit the jackpot, was astounded at their luck.

“I’ll never forget it,” Mitchell said.

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Trice told the outlet that she will be using her share of the prize money to put towards rent and savings, while Mitchell said he he plans on purchasing a car and new living accommodations with his winnings.

As a reward for selling the winning, Valu Market will receive a small prize of $500.

Florida Man Wins $1 Million Lottery Ticket After Being Cut In Line At Ticket Counter

Last month, The Shade Room reported that a Florida man won a $1 million on a lottery ticket he bought after being cut in line by a rude customer.

Stephen Munoz Espinoza said he was exhausted following a day of work and was looking to buy a lottery ticket when he was cut in line at the ticket machine.

Espinoza, 43, ultimately decided to avoid a confrontation with the other lotto customer, and opted to instead buy his ticket at the counter inside Publix Super Market, the New York Post reports.

He says it had been a long day and was too tired to confront the line-skipper over taking his place at the ticket machine.

Detroit Woman Won $100,000 From State Lottery After Taking Break From A “Tough Day”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Detroit woman won a $100,000 from the state lottery after taking a break from a difficult day.

Jamila McCaskill just wanted a break from her “tough day.” So to relax, she started playing the lottery online and turned that frown upside down when she won $100,000.

According to local outlet Centre Daily Times, McCaskill recently pocketed $71,750 of her Michigan Lottery prize after taxesShe plans to use the funds to pay off her home and other bills.


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