Atlanta Cop Fired After Deacon's Death During Ticket Dispute

Update: Atlanta Cop Fired Following Traffic Ticket Incident That Resulted In Church Deacon’s Death

Kiran Kimbrough is no longer employed with the Atlanta Police Department as of Tuesday (Oct.10). The APD Chief Darin Schierbaum fired Kimbrough after local church deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. died during an arrest, per Fox 5 Atlanta. 

After an internal investigation, Chief Schierbaum determined Kiran had not followed department procedure. Hollman Sr. reportedly refused to sign a traffic ticket for a minor car accident. Rather than wait for a supervisor, as Hollman Sr. repeatedly requested, former officer Kiran proceeded to taze and arrest the senior.

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The Atlanta PD concluded its internal investigation into the incident on Monday and plans to release the body cam footage later this week.

“Part of my job is to assess, evaluate, and adjust how this police department is carrying out its sworn mission to serve and protect the citizens of this city,” Chief Schierbaum reportedly said. “I understand the difficult and dangerious job that our officers do each and every day throughout the city. I do not arrive at these decisions lightly.”

Kimbrough was placed on administrative leave following the incident, per HuffPost. The LoRusso Law Firm released a statement on Kiran’s behalf on Tuesday.

“Officer Kiran Kimbrough vehemently denies any wrongdoing or policy violations in connection with the investigation, detention, and arrest of Mr. Johnny Hollman. He will appeal his termination, reportedly predicated upon his failure to call for a supervisor when Mr. Hollman refused to sign a lawfully issued citation as he was legally obligated to do. Our client is a decorated law enforcement officer and looks forward to the release of the entire investigation. The loss of any life is tragic. However, Officer Kimbrough’s actions in detaining Mr. Hollman and making a lawful arrest did not cause Mr. Hollman’s death,” the statement said, per Fox 5 Atlanta. 

Here’s What Happened According To Atlanta PD & Johnny Hollman Sr.’s Family

The former officer was the first to arrive after the 62-year-old contacted police on Aug. 10 about a minor car accident. His family, including his daughter Arnitra, told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter that Hollman Sr. had waited about an hour for cops to arrive.

When Kiran arrived, he reportedly determined Hollman Sr. was at fault for the car accident. But the church deacon allegedly refused to sign the ticket.

A previous statement from the Atlanta Police Department described Hollman Sr.’s reaction as “agitated and uncooperative.” It added that former officer Kimbrough “attempted to take the driver into custody, but he resisted, and a struggle ensued.” 

The statement said Officer Kimbrough ultimately placed Hollman Sr. in handcuffs with the help “of a witness” and after deploying his taser. However, per the statement, Kiran didn’t note the 62-year-old’s unresponsiveness until after he was restrained. Johnny Hollman Sr. later died at the hospital.

It’s unclear if the witness who assisted with the arrest was the other driver involved. However, before police arrived on the scene, the other driver told 911 dispatchers Hollman Sr. was “acting belligerent.”

Meanwhile, Hollman Sr.’s daughter says she received a call during her father’s arrest, in which she could hear Kiran allegedly “talking to [Hollman Sr.] crazy” and “using profanity.”

“And then I could hear my father start to say you doing an old man like me like this, I can’t breathe, my asthma acting up. And then he started to say help help,” Arnitra told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter.

On Tuesday, family attorney Harold W. Spence scoffed at the reason behind Kiran’s firing at a Tuesday press conference. According to Fox 5 Atlanta and HuffPost, family members have reportedly said the former officer should be charged with murder. The family viewed the bodycam footage in private following the incident.

“Are you kidding me? Because he didn’t have a supervisor on the scene?” Attorney Spence said. “Again, that’s why we believe that it’s more incumbent that this video be released. Because I guarantee you that when you see the video, your thoughts won’t be ‘Where was the supervisor?'”

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