UPDATE: Four Of The Six Girls Now In Police Custody After McDonalds Fight, One Nabbed In Atlanta Trying To Make A Getaway To Jamaica And Topless RingLeader Gets $500,000 bond!!! - The Shade Room

UPDATE: Four Of The Six Girls Now In Police Custody After McDonalds Fight, One Nabbed In Atlanta Trying To Make A Getaway To Jamaica And Topless RingLeader Gets $500,000 bond!!!

New developments have surfaced in the McDonalds brawl that took place in Brooklyn a few days ago.

According to the NY Daily News, four of the six girls who were involved in the brutal attack have now been apprehended and the other two are still reportedlly “laying low” as the police still search for them. One of the girls, a 15-year-old suspect who has yet to be named, was actually caught in an Atlanta airport just moments before trying to board a flight bound for Jamaica in efforts to evade police. Another girl, 17-year-old Tilani Marshall, was also apprehended and was awaiting  arraignment on Friday as well.

As for Aniah, the topless ringleader of the brawl, she was thrown into Rikers with a hefty $500,000 bond after being videoed laughing at the cameras when being initially apprehended. Ironically for her, she did not go into jail silent as she confessed to her actions and confirmed that the brawl was in retaliation because Ariana Taylor, the victim, was accused of doing something bad to a very close friend of hers.

Aniah tells police that all six of the girls were hanging out together when a  male friend called to tell her that Taylor was in the McDonalds that day and since there were two McDonalds the girls split up in efforts of finding her. Ferguson and atleast one other girl found Taylor at the McDonalds’ Flatbush location near the Eramus Hall High School, a school they both attend. When Ferguson realized she had seen Taylor she called her other friends to hurry to the fast food joint before Taylor could get a chance to leave. The victim did have one friend with her, but she was warned if she jumped in she would have gotten beaten up too, so she stood there and watched the hell break loose.

The group of girls are alleged members of a crew called “Young Savages” which is a spinoff from the gang, “Folk Nation” who are known for their involvement in credit card scamming. They say the retaliation is because of the shooting that they believed Taylor help set up, but no details was given on the shooting. Taylor who is said to have links to the Crips gang, suffered a concussion as well as multiple contusions and bruises. She hasn’t been very cooperative with the police but still has been very vocal on her social media. Police were still able to find the girls on their own though.

Aniah, a mother of a 1-year-old, stood in court alone Friday as not even her family came to defend her or show their support, she was hit with felony gang assault and other robbery charges that may land her in jail for up to 25 years. We just hope that these young girls have learned a valuable lesson, sometimes it just isn’t worth it when you’re young and only have one life to live. Let’s chat below.

Another teen suspect, not yet identified by police, is escorted with their hands cuffed.






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