Roommates, it looks like four UPS workers were delivering a little more than just packages for the last decade! According to the @WashingtonPost, these employees ran a lucrative drug smuggling ring for almost a decade without being detected! The group allegedly imported massive amounts of drugs, counterfeit vaping oils and other illegal products from Mexico into the US according to police.

One of the employees had reportedly been working for UPS for over 20 years as a dispatch supervisor. UPS said in a statement that it is cooperating with law enforcement officials but that the company is “not at liberty to discuss the details of the arrests as this is an ongoing investigation.”

Collectively the group reportedly moved thousands of pounds of marijuana and narcotics each week for years on end. The craziest part is the alleged smugglers were using standard card board boxes that were strategically routed to different parts of the country. Detectives said they were caught when other employees starting noticing the lavish homes and cars the four employees were buying.

11 people have been arrested in connection to the sting operations. The four in question have been charged with drug trafficking in state court! Apparently, investigators have been watching this entire operation happen for years to compile enough evidence against the suspects. Undercover officers acted as drug smugglers and began working with the involved UPS drivers. Ultimately proving their entire case. Investigators also put GPS trackers inside the cardboard boxes, documenting the packages’ movement from the homes of the individuals charged in the conspiracy to the UPS hub and out for delivery.

So when we say errrrrrrrbody is getting indicted, we mean everyone!