Chicago Uber Driver: Viral Video Shows Near-Death Experience

SHOCKING VIDEO: Chicago Uber Driver’s Near-Death Experience Revealed | TSR Investigates

John Williams, a Chicago Uber driver, didn’t expect the events that would unfold after he picked up a female passenger in the southside. The woman was apparently being chased by her armed ex-boyfriend.

“Go, go — he’s gonna shoot up the car,” she said seconds into the “frantic” 15-minute car ride.

The incident occurred on the evening of March 17. Since then, footage of the ordeal has gone viral, leaving the safety of Uber drivers to be questioned.

Now, Williams is speaking exclusively with The Shade Room’s Justin Carter about everything that went down on ‘TSR Investigates.’

The Chicago Uber Driver Speaks On The Viral Near-Death Experience

According to Carter, Williams has been an Uber driver for the past two years. His goal WAS to earn enough money to open up his own trucking company. However, Williams almost saw this dream flash before his eyes the night he picked up a passenger named Diamond.

Dashcam footage shows that the second the woman entered the backseat, she immediately began looking back outside. Then, the woman slumped down in her seat.

“She told me to, ‘Go, go, go — he’s getting ready to shoot,'” Williams recalled to Carter.

Footage showed that Diamond’s ex-boyfriend appeared to be within feet of the car, running with a gun in hand.

“I kind of panicked. I didn’t know what to do,” Williams explained.

Williams’ Uber even passed a Chicago cop car. However, when he and Diamond attempted to wave the cop down, the vehicle drove right by them.

The Ordeal Continues To Escalate

After Diamond contacted the police station, she and Williams were ordered to park at a Dollar General on a main road. However, after five minutes passed, Williams and Diamond heard more gunshots and decided to continue driving.

“Look, we gotta get out of here. We can’t just sit here and wait on the police ’cause ain’t no telling when the police — you know, Chicago police, they take their time,” Williams explained, recalling his thought process to Carter.

Scroll above to watch how the incident unfolded and see how Uber responded to the driver’s near-death experience. Additionally, watch as Carter explores other viral incidents that have sparked concerns about the safety of ride-share drivers nationwide.

Furthermore, Williams has launched a GoFundMe to assist his efforts in moving forward from this ordeal. For those interested in donating, click here.

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