Whew chileee the smelly socks! Y’all already know there’s always SOMETHING with Spirit Airlines and this right here is yet another example! A flight had no other choice but to land after passengers started smelling something real funky and just plain nasty.

According to Vice, it smelled like “dirty socks” and it was giving some passengers chest pains and burning throats. The flight, carrying 220 people, was on its way from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when an “odor developed in a section of the aircraft.” The smell of dirty feet was so bad passengers started getting sick mid-flight, and others were worried that the smell might’ve been something hazardous.

The flight ended up making an emergency landing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and seven to ten passengers were taken to a local hospital. The rest of the people were rushed off of the plane while the hazmat team identified the nasty smell.

They weren’t able to find the source of the stench, which means somebody needed to really wash their feet. They ended up giving the plane the thumbs up but sent a new plane to pick the passengers up.