Keke Palmer Gets Emotional While Praising Single Parents (Video)

WATCH: Keke Palmer Gets Emotional While Praising Single Parents: ‘Pull Out Your Cape’

Keke Palmer is feeling that parenthood pressure in a good way. Motherhood seems to have made the Nope star appreciate her village–and those parents that have done the job without one.

“If you are a single parent, pull out your cape. Matter of fact, clip off your angel wings because I don’t know how you did it,” Palmer said.

Keke welcomed her first child and son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, with boyfriend Darius Daulton on February 25. The longtime actress shared her single parent praise over the weekend in a video post to her Instagram page.

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She clarified that her intent isn’t to pander to or negate people who unintentionally become single parents or choose to be.

“…I know there’s a million and one reasons why somebody wants to be a single parent or has become a single parent. Maybe they don’t want to deal with somebody, maybe it’s a choice. But when it comes to raising a kid, I’ve already learned in these short, few days that it takes a village and sometimes that’s a privilege.

As the short clip continued, the mother of one continued her praises while admitting the topic made her feel emotional.

“And I just want anybody out there that is a single parent that’s been doing this–friends of mine, people that I don’t know, family members of mine–I’m really in my heart, it brings tears to my eyes. I am just truly profoundly impressed.”

In the caption for the post, Keke wrote, “I ain’t gon lie, I’m getting COOKED.”

Last week, Darius also took to his Instagram with a parenthood update regarding sleep with a newborn. He humorously shut down the saying, “slept like a baby.” 

“You know when people use that term, ‘I slept like a baby’? Yeah that’s a myth because babies don’t sleep. I slept like an old man, that’s more accurate.”

On Monday (March 6), the star gave fans a lighter take on her mommyhood adventures. She shared footage of her newborn in his bassinet, then of her swaddling him in a blanket, and used a trending TikTok audio to pull the lighthearted video together. During the short but sweet clip, Palmer served new mommy realness, including a messy hair bun and glimpses at her in-use breast pumps.


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