WATCH: NLE Choppa Surprises 12-Year-Old Fan In Hospital With Gifts From Christmas List

NLE Choppa got his Santa Claus on this season with a major surprise for a young fan!

Twelve-year-old AJ shared his Christmas wishlist on Tik Tok, and it included a visit from the artist. Other goodies on AJ’s list included a PS5, iPhone 13, and white Air Force 1s. The young fan also reached for the stars asking for studio equipment and a home with a backyard.

During the pop-up, AJ was hospitalized in Dallas. He suffers from scoliosis, and a rare birth heart defeat called arteriosus type 1. According to AJ’s mother, the budding teen has undergone several surgeries to address his conditions, but he has outlived the typical life expectancy of 2 years old.

NLE Choppa shared footage of the visit on his Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 25.)

“A little over a month ago I stumbled across this TikTok video Of AJ Telling His Mom What He Wanted For Christmas!! So I Noted It On My Mind To Make Sure I Came And Surprised Him For Christmas Not Only With His Gifts But Making Sure I Was The One Bringing Them. Thank You AJ For Allowing Me To Use The Gift Of Giving This Meant Just As Much To Me As It Was For You. LOVE You Little Man,” Choppa wrote.

In footage of the moment, NLE Choppa shows up in the fan’s hospital room, with an introduction as Santa by AJ’s mother. The rapper reveals his face (off-camera), and AJ reacts by letting out a scream before running and jumping off his bed and hugging Choppa.

Along with the video of AJ’s wishlist and Choppa’s surprise, the rapper shared photos with his biggest fan! The two struck standing and squatting poses and flashed smiles.

In Choppa’s YouTube video of their meeting, he explained how he connected with AJ and his mother.

“After watching the video, I got in contact with his mom, and from there, I was face timing and messaging him every day,” Choppa revealed in the video. “Christmas was coming around the corner, so I decided to grant all his wishes by buying him all the gifts he asked for. I even flew out to Texas to go surprise him in the hospital.”

The YouTube drop showed Choppa arriving at the hospital in his Santa suit, along with gifts like a PS5, an iPhone 13, sneakers, clothes, and a few other things not included on AJ’s list.

Though Choppa didn’t spring on a house with a backyard, he guaranteed that lil’ AJ has a friend in him. And Choppa said he plans to keep the friendship “in [his] heart…for the rest of [his] life.” 

“This was a W day. It means a lot to be able to do this,” Choppa said in the video. “I feel like this is why I’m in the position that I’m in, to simply inspire the youth and just to give back and just do things of this nature. And I’m not doing it for clout; I’m not doing it for views; I genuinely wanna do it. I really wanted to stay the whole night if I could.”

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