Rapper BTB Savage's Mother Speaks Out After His Murder

(WATCH) Rapper BTB Savage’s Mother Speaks Out After His Alleged Murder, Asked Him To Ignore Enemies’ Taunts

On the heels of BTB Savage being gunned down in Houston, the rapper’s mother is addressing the situation that led up to his death.

BTB Savage’s Mom Asked BTB Savage To Brush Off The Taunts: ‘Don’t Respond’

As The Shade Room previously reported, the 26-year-old rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting on Thursday. The incident went down in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood and occurred shortly after he taunted the family of a man who was killed while attempting to rob the rapper.

Specifically, BTB Savage shared a photo of him at the crime scene, posing next to a bullet-riddled door while standing in a dried pool of blood. We should also add that, days earlier, he made scathing comments about the ordeal during an interview with Vlad TV.

Now, BTB Savage’s mother—Bernita Ward—is addressing the situation surrounding her son’s murder.

During a sit-down with ABC13, Ward started off by declaring, “I’m not one of those parents who try to cover up whatever their children’s lifestyle is.”

She then addressed her son’s post and noted that she pleaded with him to “take that off of social media” to allow the family to “mourn in peace.”

However, she also noted that her son was responding to continual taunts from the deceased man’s loved ones. Additionally, she pointed out that the man was ultimately killed while trying to rob BTB Savage.

“I said, ‘Take that off of social media. I said, ‘Let this family mourn in peace.’ But they were continuing [to taunt] my son. Telling him that they were gonna kill the family, that they were gonna make his momma cry like my son made his mother cry. And I told my son, ‘Don’t respond.’ But their family member came to rob my son.”

Ward also acknowledged that the unfortunate reality is that, now, two mothers are grieving, and the victims’ children “will be raised without fathers.”

“So the moral of the story, to me, is that two mothers lost two amazing sons. And that their children will be raised without fathers, and that’s a sad thing.”

Local & Federal Authorities Are Investigating The Case

Regarding the BTB Savage case, we should add that the Houston Police Department has teamed up with “federal partners,” according to Chief Troy Finner.

Finner also shared that “a number of individuals are working on this,” though the perpetrator is still at large.

There are no further updates to the situation at this time. We continue to send our condolences to Bernita Ward and the rapper’s other loved ones.


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