Safaree Samuels Nearly Hit By Stray Bullet (Exclusive Details)

WATCH: Safaree Samuels Says Stray Bullet From Atlanta Road Rage Incident Nearly Hit Him (Exclusive Details)

On Wednesday (March 1), Safaree Samuels revealed to his 3.5 million Insta-followers that a stray bullet nearly hit him.

“I almost got shot in my head by a stray bullet!! I was inches away from where the bullet holes came from!! This is why I can’t f**king stand Atlanta!!! THANK GOD OMGGG,” Samuels wrote on his Instagram Story. “That’s why I don’t feel sorry for you criminals!!”

The Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star shared those words on a video showing where he stood when the bullet entered. In a second post, Safaree showed the shattered shell in someone’s hand and added details about the near-hit.

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“I cannot believe that just happened!!! Whoever that was had a switch on his gun and let off 10 shots in 3 seconds,” Safaree wrote.

He didn’t provide additional details online but spoke exclusively with The Shade Room about what happened and where he was at. Samuels revealed his barber has a mobile shop, which he was visiting when a stray bullet entered the trailer following a road rage incident.

“A guy in a pickup truck cut off someone, and he cornered him and started [shooting] a gun with a switch. They ended up meeting ramming each other right outside the trailer, and that’s how the stray bullets started coming thru where we were at,” Safaree told TSR. “He let of 10 shots into the guy’s rear of his car and then just shot at the trailer also for no reason. This was all road rage and an idiot with a gun.”

In July 2021, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that at least 45 shootings occurred on Atlanta-area roadways that year. Of those, fifteen people died, and several others sustained injuries.

Following the incident, Samuels says police questioned him about the incident. They wanted to make sure he wasn’t an intended target. However, Safaree says the perpetrators “skated.” At this time, it’s unclear if there’s an active search for the people involved.

Samuels and his barber, the only two people in the trailer at the time of the shooting, were not hurt in the incident. However, he told TSR he was standing about six to 12 inches from where the bullet landed.

On Wednesday, the artist took to his Insta Story again with a thankful message.

“I am protected by God & the blood of JESUS!!!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper!! Thanking my lucky stars tonight!! For real,” he wrote.

In 2018, Safaree also had another close call involving a gun. Two men robbed him at gunpoint in New York. Surveillance footage showed Samuels standing in a parking garage when Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts. The men searched the pockets of Safaree’s red fur coat, eventually stealing about $183,000 worth of cash and jewelry, per TMZ. At the time, Safaree’s lawyer argued that the incident was planned.


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