Spice Says FAKE Baby Bump Represents 'Rebirth' After Sepsis

WATCH: Spice Says FAKE Baby Bump Represented ‘New Life’ After Near Death From Sepsis

Spice is not pregnant. The giant baby bump visible in a single photo she shared earlier this week was fake. During an Instagram Live on Friday (March 17), the dancehall singer explained the significance of the maternity-like image while detailing her extensive near-death experience with sepsis.

“Big up to Father God, big up to Jesus. He literally saved my life, and that’s what I’m celebrating. That’s all it is. It was never intentionally done for the picture to offend anyone, and so if it did offend anyone, then I apologize, and I’m sorry if it offended you.”

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Spice added that the post was not about women experiencing fertility struggles. Instead, she expressed her sympathy with people who’ve had those experiences, including her friends and family. Still, the star insisted the photo, which she captioned “God has been so good to me,” symbolized rebirth.

“It was just about celebrating my new life. Giving God glory, giving God thanks for this new life, for this new journey. Second rebirth, I’m a brand-new person. I feel rejuvenated,” she added.

Spice Details Near-Death Experience With Sepsis After Breast Implant Surgery

In early November, Spice, who was on a social media hiatus, returned to Instagram to clear up rumors about her health. At the time, several blogs, including Suregon Made Curvesclaimed the star had suffered medical complications from a cosmetic procedure.

In her post, she denied having a heart attack, being dead, or suffering from a coma. Days before, The Shade Room had already reported that Spice’s agent rejected the coma claims. Still, at the time, Spice only revealed that she was recovering from a “medical scare”–no details.

On Friday, Spice finally spilled all the details about the hit her health took in the last few months. During a live-streamed session that lasted over an hour, the singer said she “literally died” after a severe case of sepsis.

The singer confirmed that she was in the Dominican Republic when her health started failing–a claim Surgeon Made Curves made in her early posts about Spice’s health.

Spice revealed she was in DR to get her breast implants changed, which was successfully done. While there, she consulted doctors about fibrosis in her stomach but was told they’d go away.

She remained in the country after the surgery but started to experience extreme vomiting. When she visited doctors, doctors told her she had a hernia, and her intestines had traveled through the space the hernia created, and they ruptured. This caused her body to go into septic shock.

“The sepsis literally started to…eat my skin. I don’t know how to explain it to you, but my skin started to detoriate. It start to attack my lungs and I didn’t even know that sepsis was so dangerous.”

She was in the hospital in the Dominican Republic from October to December and underwent multiple procedures. When she returned to the United States, she underwent another surgery, still targeting sepsis. In the end, the singer thanked God for being her keeper throughout the medical scare.

“Just remember to include God becasue today is not about me. Just take me out of the equation. Drag me all you want, bash me all you want. Say all the bad about me that you want, I’m okay, I’m good with it because I always tell people I don’t care what people think about me as long as my heart is right with God, me good.”

Spice said today she just wants to be the testimony that there is a God.

Following her explanation, she also released a music video and song about her experience.


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