WATCH: Spirit Customers Left Infuriated After Airline Cancels Flight

WATCH: Spirit Customers Left Infuriated After Airline Cancels Flight, Passengers Allegedly Waited At Gate For 8 Hours

Spirit Airlines is the source is some travel passengers’ frustration this holiday season. A video recently surfaced of airline employees tending to customers who had just been informed their flight to Orlando, Florida was canceled.

Longer clips of the incident were shared on Instagram by a woman named Emily M. Repp. According to Repp, passengers waited eight hours for their flight, before being informed by the Spirit staff that it had been canceled.

Customer’s Frustrating Experience

The video began with one Spirit employee speaking to a customer.

I’m not doing anything, this isn’t my fault.

In the next clip, another employee stood up by the podium and took the mic.

If anybody wants to raise their voice and do anything like that, I will not re-book you. I will not help you. I’m here to help you!

A frustrated customer responded though it was unclear what she said. The employee rebuttals.

I’m doing my job — thank you! Anybody else? This is how it’s going to go — we’re going to make two lines, and we’re going to try to help you the best way we can. Anybody raise your voice — I will not help you.

Then, the first employee stepped in to share a formal update with customers. The woman let them know that the next available flight to Orlando, Florida would not take place until four days later.

A customer seemed to speak but the woman cut them off.

Let me talk!

The woman informed customers that their only options were to rebook their flights for the new date. Or get a refund. She added that customers would not be accommodated with vouchers, hotel stays, etc.

Repp captioned her video with more insight into the moment.

Absolutely appalled by the service from @S@Spirit Airlinese sat in @P@Philadelphia Int. Airportor 8 hours with no communication. Not one staff member had an updates for us. Not to mention the women who was supposed to be boarding us was EXTREMELY RUDE. She was slamming things, laughing at us and walked away from customers multiple times and didn’t return for 30 minutes. I understand it’s frustrating for everyone including the employees but they were so disrespectful and unprofessional. There is so much more that happened that I did not get on video. Heartbreaking that some children missed their holiday trip to Disney, multiple people missed work and others just couldn’t get home or where they were going. We weren’t offered to rebook since the next flight to our destination wasn’t leaving for 4 DAYS! SPIRIT AIRLINES NEEDS TO DO BETTER! The passengers on this flight deserve better service, communication and accommodations. #s#spiritairlinesc#canceledR#ReasonForBookingt#terribleservicef#fypage

The Internet Reacts

Internet users reacted with mixed emotions toward the situation. Some took the stance that customers should be aware of what they paid for since Spirit Airlines is known to offer affordable flights.

You get what you paid for a flight on spirit is $6 they are definitely not paying for your hotel if a flight is cancelled
You get what you pay for. 🤷🏽‍♀️
This was professional to me tbh
Y’all do understand that the desk attendants have no control over these things right? Ppl really take their anger out on the wrong ppl smh. I’d be frustrated too if I had to deal with 100+ ppl taking their misdirected anger out on me too

While others maintained that quality customer service should always be prioritized, no matter the price being paid.

I’m sorry y’all in the comments you guys are reaching. Y’all clearly have no class lmao idgf how you wanna act at home or with ur friends but a job is a job and you need to act professional and they didn’t act professional . It’s giving no class … it’s an airline. there’s a time and a place for everything and acting like that at an airline is not it . If you can’t handle the job then leave it cuz ur out of character …


“Let me talk!”

Some users were partial to both sides.

They didn’t have to be that rude but also ppl need to understand they have no power so it’s no reason to snap on them bad situation on both sides

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