WATCH: Video Of Philadelphia Students In Blackface Mocking Black History Month Goes Viral: 'You're Nothing But A Slave'

WATCH: Video Of Philadelphia Students In Blackface Mocking Black History Month Goes Viral: ‘You’re Nothing But A Slave’

A video of a Philadelphia High School Student spray painting the other’s face black while making racist comments is going viral on social media, and residents are NOT having it.

Catholic School Girls In Blackface Mock Black History Month

Last night, a video went viral of girls from St. Hubert Catholic High School and Franklin Towne Charter where they spray painted blackface on one girl and continually mocked Black History Month while making racist remarks like,

You’re A Black Girl.. It’s February… Know your roots.. You’re nothing but a slave…


Protest In Front of School Break Out Following The Racist Video

Students and residents began to gather outside of the school following the racist video circling social media holding signs that read “condemn and confront white supremacy,” “where is your humanity” and “prejudice creates pain.”

The protest organizer Adam McNeil says the incident was ignorant and is confused how and why this would happened in 2023 on Black History Month, according to CBS Philadelphia .

I watched and I was completely confused that we still have so much blatant racism in 2023. And then to know that the students not only made this video in mockery of Black people in Black History Month but they took the time to send it to their fellow students, which to me was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


He organized this protest as a message to and from the community that racism will not be tolerated, and questions how these students were raised.

He also claims that he wants the students to be charged with a hate crime.

We want them to know what accountability is, and what accountability looks like, and what trauma looks like when it is set upon somebody else that did nothing to you.

There’s many young students that go to this school that are Black and Brown. How do you think that they feel everyday now walking into school knowing that their classmates are racist? And if the school does not dismiss these students immediately, it just shows their lack of value for their own Black students that they have here, and that is unacceptable.


Former and present students sounded off as well asking for accountability and action.

What The All-Girls School Had To Say About The Racially-Charged Incident

According to Philly Voice, Philadelphia officials say they are investigating the incident and that all parties involved will be disciplined for posting the racist video on social media.

St. Hubert Catholic High Schools posted to their Facebook page with the following statement,

We are extremely disappointed to learn that anyone associated with Saint Hubert’s would act in such a manner, which is entirely inconsistent with our value. Please be assured that this matter is being actively investigated. All those responsible will be disciplined appropriately in accordance with our school handbook.


And, Franklin Towne Charter, the second school released the following statement:

The Franklin Towne Community is both saddened and appalled by the events surrounding the racist video that has been seen on social media. We want to again take this opportunity to condemn this type of hateful behavior and condemn anyone involved in it. Franklin Towne is a school that values inclusion and will not tolerate hate in any manner. The former student who took part in this video and any other students who may choose to participate in this type of behavior have no place at our school. The content of this video does not reflect the values and culture of our Towne family.

Roommates, this story is still developing. We will update you as we know more.


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