Yung Miami Defends BET Hip Hop Award Win

WATCH: Yung Miami Defends Winning BET Hip Hop Award For ‘Best Hip Hop Platform’

Yung Miami is sharing her thoughts on recently winning the 2023 BET Hip Hop Award for “Best Hip Hop Platform.” As The Shade Room previously reported, the event occurred on October 3 in Atlanta, Georgia.

At the time, the rapper’s victory prompted mixed reactions from fellow podcasters and hosts nominated in the category.

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Yung Miami Defends Her 2023 BET Hip Hop Award Win For “Best Hip Hop Platform”

Yung Miami and fellow City Girls rapper JT appeared for an interview at ‘The Breakfast Club,’ which aired Thursday. During the interview, Charlamagne Tha God acknowledged his astonished reaction to Yung Miami’s win by explaining that it “wasn’t a diss” toward her.

According to XXL, Charlamagne initially remarked on Yung Miami’s win days after the award ceremony while on-air. At the time, Charlamagne seemingly implied that the rapper’s romance with Diddy, who owns Deleon Tequila, may have been why she took the trophy home.

“We gotta stop. Salute to Caresha. I love Yung Miami to death, but come on now. Two years in a row?” Charlamagne reportedly said. “I got mad love for Caresha, but you’ve got platforms that come out daily, and you’ve got platforms that come out weekly. I love ‘Caresha Please,’ but was that sponsored by DeLeon?”

After Charlamagne explained that his comment was made without ill intention, Yung Miami responded.

“I just feel like people [are] always saying that I don’t deserve stuff. Why I don’t deserve anything?” the rapper asked. “I work hard; I deserve everything.”

The rapper explained that when she did her first live podcast, the “line was around the corner.” She firmly stated that she’s “bringing something new” to the podcast industry, and even though she may not release episodes as often as the public would like, it’s because she wants her content “to be anticipated.”

“I don’t want to drop every week… I want people to anticipate my s**t,” she reiterated.

The Rapper Reflected On Winning The Same Award Last Year

As the conversation continued, Charlamagne Tha God acknowledged that Yung Miami also won the same award last year, although her podcast tied with rapper Nore’s ‘Drink Champs.’

Yung Miami explained that she “had nothing to do with that.” Charlamagne instantly rebutted the rapper’s remark by pointing at a Deleon Tequila bottle near her at the table. The radio host remarked, “That had something to do with it.

“How?” Yung Miami replied. “If that’s the case, why I ain’t win my VMA?”

Ultimately, the City Girl rapper explained that if anyone is “salty” about her win, she would much rather them transparently state that rather than diminish her hard work.

The City Girl Steps Into TSR’s Comment Section As Social Media Users React

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their thoughts on Yung Miami’s stance. Some disagreed.

Instagram user @karismanichelle_ wrote.
“People are missing the point. He’s saying she don’t deserve it over everyone else who was working tirelessly and has been committed to it for years. She pop up with a couple of click-worthy guest and not she gets the award for podcast 2 yrs in a row? That’s funny business.”
While Instagram user @paradiseparis added.
“She doesnt deserve it because she not consistent and she doesnt really discuss hip hop.”
However, the City Girl also entered the comment section with additional words.
“Y’all b*****s stfu y’all ain’t never win s**t in y’all life. Never manifested, spoke success or nothing positive over y’all life just a bunch of mad mf! Y’all get on my f*****g nerves! Ugh”
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