#Roommates, a not so slick wedding planner by the name of #VeronicaMorales tried to pull a fast one on #Beyonce! According to @Blast, Veronica who has been fighting Beyonce for the trademark #BlueIvy came up with a plan to hand over the trademark to Bey only IF she bought her wedding planning business and coughed up $10M as a “bundle deal.”

In documents obtained by @Blast, a meeting was set up between Bey’s legal team and Veronica’s legal team with the intention to settle the trademark issue. Things quickly turned left when Bey’s legal team realized the meeting turned into a business proposal for an “opportunity for a business relationship rather than an adversarial proceeding.”

According to sources close to the situation, Veronica even created a whole powerpoint presentation to show Beyonce why she should buy her business AND her “Blue Ivy” trademark as a bundle deal.

Beyonce’s team didn’t take this lightly and is reportedly using the sales pitch, and Power Point presentation as evidence to prove the entire battle is just a money grab!

Source: https://theblast.com/beyonce-wedding-planner-blue-ivy-carter-ten-million/