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Wendy Williams Admits Her Son Was Addicted To Synthetic Marijuana!

What?? Wendy spills the tea on herself for a change?  

Season 7 for the Wendy Williams Show aired yesterday and she exposed touchy personal info regarding her son’s addiction to synthetic marijuana. 

 Wendy revealed that while on break, she and Kevin Jr.’s father discovered his addiction. She then continued to explain how active she is as a parent and discussed her belief that a family friend introduced her son to the drug.   

She even let us know that she and her husband made the decision to admit Kevin into a drug treatment facility outside of the country!

Twitter had some reactions to the unexpected sharing of her sons drug addiction:
“Got damn Wendy Williams sent her son to a rehab place out the country for smoking weed ? ????”

— Rica Blanco (@SUNNIEinParis_) September 14, 201


Well for a 14 year old, in my opinion, there’s  nothing that an old fashion whooping can’t cure!  
This isn’t the first time she’s shared a personal story involving her son.

Last January, Wendy broke down in tears and vented “What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore.” 

Not to throw “Shade”, but it sounds like a lot has been going down in the William’s house-hold.

Check out the full Hot Topics clip below:

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Wendy Williams Reveals Her Son Was Addicted to Synthetic Marijuana

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