Where They At Now: Remember Zachary Isaiah Williams? He’s All Grown-Up And Still Killing The Acting Game!

Where They At Now: Remember Zachary Isaiah Williams? He’s All Grown-Up And Still Killing The Acting Game!

WhereTheyAtNow: I’m sure you all remember Zachary Isaiah Williams. He was the cute little boy that starred alongside Jessica Alba and Romeo Miller in the 2003 film “Honey.” His portrayal as Raymond definitely spoke to a generation and made an everlasting impression.

However, his acting career would only elevate from there. He would later team up with Romeo once again to star as his little brother on the “Romeo” TV series for Nickelodeon. He would continue to expand his resume landing roles on shows such as “Lincoln Heights,” and “Calvin & Freddie’s Cosmic Encounters.”

Now he is starring on Bounce TV on both “Family Time,” and “In The Cut,” where he is not only active in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as well.

I chopped it up with Zachary to talk about having such a successful acting career at such a young, his transition from being a child actor to adult actor, his latest projects and more.


Read Zachary Isaiah Williams’ full interview below to see how his career has blossomed over the years.


Q: Many people remember your role as Raymond from the 2003 film “Honey,” as well as your role in Nickelodeon’s show “Romeo.” How was it having such a successful acting career at a young age?

A: Having success at such a young age had its ups and downs. It definitely yielded way more attention than I was anticipating. It would often get in the way of being a normal kid. It was impossible to go anywhere without being followed by mobs of kids. On the flip side, however, it gave me an opportunity to speak positively to different people. I often found myself encouraging different kids, and sometimes adults, letting them know that anything is possible as long as you believe, and work hard. I was very gracious that I was able to get this ideology spread to children at such a young age, even though I was just a child myself.


Q: In both projects, you starred as Romeo’s little brother, are you guys still in contact today?

A: The crazy thing about that is, everyone thought we planned it, but it was just a coincidence that we were cast to play brothers back to back. And yes, we are still in contact to this day. We often attend bible study, and occasionally play basketball.


Q: Do you feel like you missed out on any parts of your childhood since you were a part of the entertainment business at such a young age?

A: No, I don’t feel robbed as a child at all. I feel like being a part of the entertainment business enhanced my childhood as I was able to still be a child (playing outside, playing different sports, hanging with friends) but I also had a very early look of how business works in general since the entertainment business involves the same principles of all businesses. Instead of taking a school course on business, I was able to experience it firsthand at a young age, making it vastly easier to venture into business as a young adult.


Q: Quite often we see some child stars go through a tough transition as they adjust to being adults and continuing on with their careers.  What would you say made your transition in acting different from other child stars?

A: I would say that strong support from family and a solid foundation built on faith was key in my transition in acting. Unfortunately, growing up as an actor can give birth to numerous false mindsets. Sometimes fame can go to people’s heads. A lot of child actors, and actors in general, go through life with the feeling that they are better than others. I’ve always believed that everyone is equal, and anything is possible for anyone if they believe it. For that reason, I try to treat everyone with respect and treat people how I want to be treated, no matter who that person is. The glorified attention from fans and being desired by the public can lead to major issues.

When the work suddenly stops, they don’t feel wanted anymore, leaving a huge void in their life because who they thought they were for all those years is suddenly being compromised. This often causes them to spiral out of control and look for anything to fill that void, and as you can imagine, the things that they try to fill that void with, aren’t always healthy or the best option for them. During dry spells of work, I’ve definitely had some hard times as well, but keeping my relationship strong with God was, and is absolutely key to maintaining my sanity. This is the reason my identity was never, and will never be in question because I know who I am in God, and I know that He has the best plan for me. So during my tough times in this industry, I’ve leaned on faith and my family, and because of this, thankfully I never really felt that void.


Q: Later on in your career, you were a part of more successful projects, such as the show “Lincoln Heights,” and you’re currently a part of the TV show “Family Time.” What other upcoming projects do you have in the works?

A: Coming up, look out for more episodes of “Family Time” which are set to air soon, and I’m also currently a staff writer, writing on “Family Time”, as well as “In the Cut”; both airing on Bounce TV. I am very much still acting, but I also have many different projects up and coming that I am producing, as well as different business ventures such as apps and technology companies that I am working on and I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date as new things roll through! My Instagram and Twitter is @zachwilliamss.



TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94


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