Back in 2008, you were probably singing Karina Pasian’s hit single “16 @ War” at the top of your lungs. The single was written and produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream and appeared on her debut album “First Love.” She later followed up with the records “Can’t Find The Words,” and “Slow Motion.”

Since then, she has released a total of three EPs and has continued to give us music that we all can relate.

I caught up with the songstress to talk about the amazing musical career she has had thus far, and where she is headed next when it comes to her music.


1: Many of our Roommates know you from your hit singles “16 At War” and “Can’t Find The Words,” which appeared on your debut album back in 2008. 

 At the time you were a student at Professional Performing Arts School in NYC. How was it still being a regular high school student, signed to a major label at the time, with a full-length album out on the shelves? 

It was almost like I was living a double life. The “normal” side felt real, the music side not so much. I also didn’t really talk much about my music career at school unless they were one of my close friends. I was pretty shy about it, but eventually, people found out somehow.


2: Prior to your big debut album you were already amounting to tons of success at a young age. You won “Star Search,” you became the first person of Dominican descent to perform at the White House, and so much more.  With all that you’ve experienced, what would you say keeps you grounded?

Actually, I didn’t win. I only won the first round. I’ve been wanting to clear that up for a long time now so thanks for that. Haha! My family keeps me grounded for sure. Especially my sister! My friends too. I also do a lot of research on the spiritual meanings of life…everything I learn from that definitely helps keep me grounded.


 3: You’ve been associated with so many legends that have been in this industry for years, who would you say has given you the most valuable advice, and what was that advice?

Quincy Jones! He told me, “in order to make music, you have to live.” That always stood out to me and I swear by it to this day.


4: Since the release of your first album, you have released three EP’s. What still pushes you to continue to make these amazing projects?

 Taking a break from time to time. The best thing I could’ve done was to take a complete break from music. I worked as a server/bartender all of last year. I loved it and learned a lot but what it mostly did was help me realize what I was destined to love.


5: Quite often, some people voice their opinions and say that R&B music is starting to die on a major scale. Do you agree with that opinion? Why or why not?

 I used to feel strongly about that, but I’ve learned to accept that music evolves and changes. All of the musical eras that have happened will never happen again, but how amazing is it that we have recordings of them!! I appreciate every era and rather than focusing on what’s not happening with whoever, I decide to put whatever era/style in my music and it will still be current because I am evolving and changing too. We all are.

A lot of people say jazz is dying too but if you listen to some Billie Eilish songs, she’s singing super jazzy. So did it really die?


6: If you were given the opportunity to work with any artist that you haven’t worked with before, who would it be and why? 

JOHN MAYER!! I would die. I feel like I don’t even need to explain why. He’s a genius!!


7: Lastly, tell our Roommates, what upcoming projects you may have that they can look forward to? 

No comment. 😉