I know you guys remember Bobb’e J. Thompson! He’s starred in some of our favorite television shows and films, and his characters have always left a lasting impression. Whether it was his role as Stanley on “That’s So Raven,” or Ronnie Shields in the film “Role Models,” Bobb’e has definitely left his mark on the industry.

Now at the age of 23 Bobb’e is still out here acting and starring and some of our favorite shows and he’s also been moving forward with his music career.

We caught with him to hear what it was like to have a popular career at such a young age, his transition from a child actor to his acting career as an adult, who inspires him musically, and much more.


Check out the interview below:


Many of our Roommates remember you as the child actor from some of our favorite television shows and movies. Whether it was “That’s So Raven,” “My Baby’s Daddy,” “Role Models,” and several other projects. How was it having such a successful career, and also demanding career at such a young age?

First and foremost it was a blessing because it gave me an opportunity to provide for the people closest to me starting with my mother and little sister. I was able to give them a life that they could only have dreamed of. On the demanding side, it wasn’t that bad because my mama made sure I always had time to be kid, and work was fun to me back then so it didn’t seem all that demanding. It’s still fun now, it just got a little more a work feel these days. 😂


What was one of the most memorable projects you’ve been a part of and why? 

One of the most memorable projects I’ve been a part of would probably be “School Dance,” because I basically became a man on the set of that movie. Every day was a party there were no rules and on top of all that it was my first real starring role so everything was on my back so I had to balance partying, and being the star of the movie, especially because I was working with first time actors so I kinda wanted to set an example.

Were there any struggles you experienced transitioning from a child star to a star in your adulthood? 

I wouldn’t really call it struggles I like to refer to them as growing pains, which we all have at some point in life but I think when you grow up in the spotlight it takes people time to grasp the concept of you actually being grown because they fell in love with you as a child. So it takes them time to let go and actually view you as an adult. That would be the only ‘struggle’ I can say I experienced as far as transitioning from child actor to adult.


Your acting career is very much active to this day, but you’ve also have embarked on a music career. When did you first start rapping, and what artists have you been inspired by? 

I was actually rapping before I started acting; I got my start on the Apollo Theater rapping Bow Wow. I’m inspired by lots of different artist such as Lil Wayne, E40, Nipsey Hussle, and Young Thug. I’m even inspired by a few artists that are upcoming such as Flash Gottii (@flashgottii), Rory Fresco (@roryfreso_), and El’Teainte (@fuego_elteainte24) just to name a few.


You’re currently a cast member on Wild N Out, how has it been joining a show that is mostly known for a lot of improv? 

It’s honestly the most fun job I’ve ever had. I’m a natural sh*t talker so improv is second nature to me so it’s a blessing to be able to be on a show that allows me to just be me.


Are there any upcoming projects that you want our Roommates to look out for? 

In addition to Season 13 of Wild N Out coming back this summer, I got a video for a lil free-verse I did to Pierre Bourne’s “Nikes” instrumental it’s called  “Gang” and it’s dropping on May 5th, then the actual song will be on all platforms May 10th, so be looking out for that.