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#WhereTheyAtNow?! Remember the Twerk Team?!

Twerking has become a major part of pop culture especially in recent years. From Miley Cyrus giving it a go to Beyonce throwing it back a few times at this year’s VMAs, no one can deny its influence in music and dance. The dance, although dates back as far as the 80’s, became hugely popularized by three young ladies from Atlanta back in 2005. They called themselves the #TwerkTeam and took twerking to all four corners of the Earth! Former member “Betty Butt” passed away back in 2014, so now the group consists of #MizzTwerksum (Peaches) and #LadyLuscious (Elle) who happen to be sisters.



I got to catch up with @realladyluscious aka Elle who filled us in on what the group has been up to the past couple of years. She has a son and another baby on the way. Her sister Peaches is a dancer, model and business owner! Earlier this year, Elle opened up a store called “Baby’s Kingdom” which is a clothing line for children. Being a young entrepreneur is not easy, so I asked her for some advice she’d like to share with those of you who may be thinking about owning a business. “My advice to anyone trying to start a business is to never give up and to go for what you want,” she said. “Nothing comes easy just stay focused–it will all pay off!”

Now, considering that twerking seemed to really take off after these ladies came on the scene, I was curious to know how they felt about the dance becoming such a big part of our culture. Elle revealed that although she feels great about it, it was totally unexpected! “I feel great about it, but twerking was just fun for us! It was never our idea to become known or to make it a business until we saw what we could actually do with it,” she said. As far as the celebs doing it the best, Elle said Amber Rose kills it every time!

As you can see, these ladies used a platform they had to create better lives for themselves which is definitely something to be praised! Good luck on your endeavors, ladies!

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