Another day, another person getting blasted for harassing black people for being black. This time, it happened in North Carolina where a woman named #SusanWestwood, now known as #SouthParkSusan, harassed and insulted two black women having car trouble.

She called the police on the women and lied to the 911 operator by claiming the two women were trying to break into nearby residences, according to @thegrio. They were actually waiting for AAA to arrive so they could receive a jumpstart.

“Hi, how are you? I’m white, I’m beautiful, I’m hot…This is Myers Park, South Park, b***h. Why are you up in here hanging out?” Westwood ranted to the two sisters minding their business in the now viral video. Well, not only has South Park Susan been fired from her job, she now has turned herself into the police and was charged with a misdemeanor for misusing the 911 system and lying on the women.

In the video, Westwood also threatened to display a gun, saying she’d “bring out (her) concealed weapon.” The women ended up calling the cops twice to report Westwood harassing them. Then Westwood called 911 and reported to the dispatcher she would pay $2,500 “to get them out of here.”

“They are actually people that I’ve never seen here before. They are African-American,” she says during the 911 call from October 19th. “They’ve been hanging out here for a while. And they’ve been photographing me because I think they want to try and get me. But they’ve been going into that apartment…We need to get them out of here. They don’t belong here.”

At first, the police were unable to locate Westwood, but the day before Halloween, police issued a misdemeanor warrant for misuse of the 911 system against Westwood. The charges include making threats against the women as well.

Westwood reportedly is getting kicked out of her apartment too.

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