Back on January 12th, the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois filed a protective order on behalf of Temptations’ singer #DennisEdwards after finding that his wife Brenda Edwards allegedly abused him. Now the Chicago Police Department says that they are actively investigating the matter even after the singer died last week.

According to documents, Mrs. Edwards attempted to suffocate her husband by holding his face down in their bed. She was also accused of taking her “bed bound and immobile” husband’s hearing aids away from him.

A protective order was granted on behalf of Mr. Edwards on January 18th which prevented his wife from having contact of any kind with him. However, it was dismissed after Mr. Edwards passed away on Friday and she made a statement on Monday denying any of the claims brought against her.

“I loved Dennis, and we were married for 18 years,” she said. “I would have never done anything to harm him. These allegations are false and defamatory and will be proven as such. Until this is all over, I have no further comment.”

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