Fans React To Usher Serenading The Gworlz At Vegas Residency

Winnie, Saweetie, & Keke—Oh My! Viewers React To ‘Menace’ Usher Serenading The Gworlz At Las Vegas Residency

As Usher continues to deliver stunning shows during his Las Vegas residency, he’s already had the pleasure of serenading some noteworthy celebs, leading to online chatter about his “Take Your Girl Tour!”

Specifically — following his moment with Keke Palmer — Usher notably showed Saweetie and Winnie Harlow some love while performing, and stars like Boosie and Charlamagne Tha God are chiming in!

Usher Gave The Famous Ladies Quite The Performance

Over the weekend, a video emerged of Usher singing to Saweetie — who recently commemorated her 30th birthday — at one of his Vegas shows.

Humorously, Usher asked her to sing along while he was serenading her, though Saweetie apparently only wanted to vibe. However, she did complete some of the lyrics to “There Goes My Baby.”

Shortly thereafter, Winnie Harlow shared a video of her enjoying an Usher performance. Winnie noted that she avoided some of the antics by sitting on her man’s lap, and Usher reacted by commenting, “Okay, you chose!”

Saweetie & Winnie Harlow Attended The Show Following Keke Palmer’s Situation

Of course, these interactions with Saweetie and Winnie Harlow follow a run-in between Usher and Keke Palmer — which prompted some widely-publicized shade from Darius Daulton, the father of her child.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Darius took issue with Keke’s outfit and publicly reminded her, “You a mom.”

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This led to various people chiming in, with even Aoki Lee Simmons entering the chat to let him know he was “unhinged” and in the wrong.

Boosie, Fans, & Charlamagne Tha God Chime In

Naturally, these interactions sparked some chatter online. Peep what some fans had to say on Twitter down below.

Even Boosie had to speak up, as he humorously declared that Usher was basically on a “Take Your Girl Tour.” Oop!

On Monday (Jul. 10), The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God also acknowledged the Usher buzz by accusing him of “scouting” for women in relationships to serenade.

In fact, he said Usher’s on a “search and destroy mission looking to women to find” so he can “serenade them and destroy their households.”

“That man purposely serenaded Keke Palmer. That man purposely serenaded Saweetie — you know she out here with YG now. Winnie Harlow had to sit on her man’s lap to protect herself from that Godd*mn menace!”


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