As the U.S. continues its best efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus through self-quarantine and social distancing, the state of Wisconsin apparently has other plans. Deciding not to follow the lead of other states that postponed elections with in-person voting, Wisconsin is currently holding its primary election despite the threat of residents contracting the highly contagious virus while waiting in line.

@ABCNews reports, with Wisconsin being one of the most crucial voting states for the November presidential election, Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers along with Republican lawmakers, spent the days leading up to the election butting heads after Gov. Evers had to reverse his previous decision to postpone the election a few days ago. Evers initially issued an executive order to delay in-person voting until early June—however that completely changed as Wisconsin residents are currently lined up around the block wearing masks and gloves while they wait in line to cast their ballots.

Gov. Evers was forced to reverse his decision because Wisconsin lawmakers refused to postpone the election, saying at a press conference on Monday that the “circumstances have changed.” Evers explained the battle to postpone the election, stating:

“I cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing. The bottom line is that I have an obligation to keep people safe. I’ve tried for weeks to meet Republicans in the middle to find common ground and figure out a Wisconsin solution, but at every turn, they fought all the way to the United States Supreme Court, even the most basic and common sense proposals to ensure a safe and fair election.”

Wisconsin Republicans immediately challenged his emergency action, filing a motion with the state Supreme Court. Within hours, the conservative-leaning bench blocked Evers’ order to postpone voting in a 4-2 decision.

Among those on the primary ballot include Democratic presidential candidates former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as general elections for the state Supreme Court.


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