#Roommates, some occurrences truly leave you speechless. That’s exactly the sentiment that most had when hearing about a shocking incident involving a woman who alleged that a local police officer humiliated her by removing her tampon in the middle of the street.

As reported by @the.root, Natalie Simms of San Antonio, Texas recently won a judgement of $205,000 after a judge sided with her in her case against a local police officer. Simms alleged police officer Mara Wilson violated her constitutional rights during a vaginal cavity search where she removed Simms’s tampon in the middle of the street.

On the evening of August 8, 2016, Simms was reportedly sitting on the curb waiting for her boyfriend while she was on the phone. She was then approached by a group of male police officers was asked if they could search her car, to which she agreed because she was fearful that she could possibly be killed for refusing. A short time later officer Wilson was called to the scene and she proceeded to conduct a search of Simms’ body, resulting in the humiliating act of physically removing her tampon, according to court documents.

Texas law states that it is “illegal to strip-search a person or their property without their consent or a warrant, and searches of body cavities must be conducted out of public view.” Wilson apparently didn’t care, as she initially opened Simms’s pants and put a flashlight to her vagina before removing the tampon.

When Simms asked Wilson why she would do such a thing, the officer responded, “I don’t know, it looked like it had stuff in there.” She further humiliated her by holding up the tampon and commanded Simms not to move as she further searched her genital area while male officers stood nearby.

Although she won her lawsuit, Simms stated that no amount of money will ever make up for the humiliation she faced on the evening of the incident.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?