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Woman Boldly Wears A “Won’t Be Caught” T-Shirt While Shoplifting! 

A woman in Sanford, Florida had not a care in the world when she entered a Marshall’s store with the intention to steal.

Why did she have no cares? Because she probably said to herself that day ” I’m gonna wear my ‘Won’t be caught’ Nike Tee.” 

Chile if that’s not giving AF then I don’t know what is!  She and a friend were spotted on the security camera as they entered and left the store–leaving out with $700 worth of merchandise.

The crazy thing is, she actual left the store without getting caught! As of yet, police haven’t caught her and are asking the community to stay on the lookout for her. 

That poor Nike shirt was not indeed to be used as a theft moto! It turns out last year another woman wore the shirt when trying to steal $1500 worth of product from an Ulta in Tampa, Florida.


Source Cited: Complex 


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