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Woman Claims She Had An Orgasm While Giving Birth & Encourages Women To Be Open To The Idea 

I don’t have children yet, but it seems to be a normal thing for women to share their horror stories from when they gave birth. I can’t lie, at times it discourages me from even wanting to have kids, but thanks to Rebecca Hanscombe, some of us may gain a different perspective of the birthing process. She says birthing does not have to be painful and can actually be pleasurable! Say whaaaat?!
The 45-year-old gave birth to her daughter 8 years ago and tells ‘FEMAIL’, a subsidiary of Daily mail, that she had an orgasm while delivering her! “I felt so strong, so alive, so empowered that my whole body rippled with orgasmic, sensual feelings,” she said. The term to describe such a phenomenon is called an orgasmic or ecstatic birth and about 0.3% of women experience them. 
Shortly after learning she was pregnant, Rebecca started reading a book called Spiritual Midwifery by Inna May Gaskin, which educates women on orgasmic births. The book explains that when more oxytocin is released, the possibility of an orgasm increases. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for feelings of calmness and love, so Gaskin encourages your partner to stimulate the nipples and clitoris…which sounds fun anyway! The idea of engaging in a little foreplay in order to get your baby out sounds a little taboo, but I think this woman may be onto something. 
Hansombe believes that since our bodies are designed to reproduce, we should celebrate them and get in tune with ourselves. To do this, she says that she took antenatal yoga classes and practiced breathing techniques every day. By the time she went into labor, Rebecca describes how she felt so relaxed and even took a 6 hour nap! “We played great music, giggled a lot, got busy with a yoga ball, stayed in the bath for hours, and practiced the breathing every time a contraction came on.” After 36 hours, it was time to push and Rebecca recalls, “It was like my whole body went into this state of “wow” It was a full body experience, rather than just a vaginal experience. It was very exciting.”
Roommates, have any of you or anyone that you know ever experienced an orgasmic birth before? What was it like and do you think all women are capable of doing it? Tell us in the comments!

Source Cited: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3315832/Mother-claims-orgasm-LABOUR-tells-women-birth-doesn-t-painful.html

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