Woman Goes Viral For Secretly Watching Her Unsuspecting Man Use His Phone At The Gym

Woman Goes Viral For Secretly Watching Her Unsuspecting Man Use His Phone At The Gym

One woman didn’t need the dark for everything to come to light about her romantic relationship! All she needed was for a gym full of people to not alert her man that she was peeping over his shoulder to observe what he was doing on his phone. Here’s the movie-like moment that was filmed by fitness trainer KJ Gray.

Woman Secretly Pulls Up On Man At Gym

“Buddy’s girlfriend pulled up on him in the gym,” KJ wrote on the viral Tik Tok video. “If he was actually exercising, this situation probably could’ve been avoided.”

The one-minute clip showed a woman dressed in a black winter coat, leggings, and closed toe flats. She didn’t appear to be dressed for a workout session. Instead, the woman stood over the shoulders of a man while observing his every move on his personal device. He sat on a piece of gym equipment–slouching, wearing earbuds and completely unaware of the lady’s presence.

At one point, viewers see the woman standing on her toes and even leaning on her knees for peeping support. About halfway through the edited video, KJ revealed that the woman had been observing her man, unsuspected, for at least 10 minutes. Moments later, the woman is seen making stop and “shh” hand movements to someone off-camera.

“Almost the whole gym was watching, waiting for him to notice. When she left, we told him that whatever you did on that phone for the last fifteen minutes, she saw it buddy,” KJ wrote. “He ran out after her and I haven’t seen him in the gym since (this was in January.)”


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An Update To The Moment 

Within three days of posting the video, it has garnered more than 21 million views on KJ’s Tik Tok account. But there’s some conflicting chatter on who the woman actually is. Following the release of the video, a woman claiming to be the featured star commented on KJ’s post.

“No I am no longer with him,” she wrote. “I confronted later that even and ended our 7 year relationship. Ladies know you’re worth and know when to leave.”

But KJ denied this person is telling the truth and provided his own update to the situation after multiple requests from viewers. Apparently the man in the video found KJ’s Instagram profile and connected with him. KJ says he recognized the man from his Instagram pictures.

The unidentified man seemingly reached out first saying, “bro. why u do that man.” About an hour after receiving the initial two messages, KJ responded asking about the man’s whereabouts and an update on the viral January situation. KJ suggested doing a live video or interview. But the alleged man in the video replied, “nah we good.” KJ pressed on and the man revealed that the woman in the video is actually his wife. Not only that, they’re still a couple after four years together and recently had a daughter.

As for what happened following the video, the man said he was busted looking at “other bit**s” on his phone. The man said when he got home, all his now wife did was “cry.”

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