A woman in Washington, D.C. is making headlines for helping a homeless man who was involved in a confrontation with the police. The incident was caught on camera and Grace Maria is just happy she was able to save a life that could have easily been taken. Had she not been there to calm the man, whose name is Anthony, down.

In the video that Grace recorded, you can hear Anthony saying to her, “You see him trying to shoot me, I ain’t done nothing to nobody.” The officer can be heard saying “on the ground” and motioning him to get on the ground.

The officer asked Grace to step back because Anthony had a knife in his hand, but she didn’t leave his side. Grace told him straight up that “this is not worth dying for, this is not worth dying for. Just listen to him, this is not worth dying for. They’re killing us out here. This is not worth dying for. This s*** is not worth dying for.”

Anthony ended up doing what the officers asked of him and put his hands behind his back and got on the ground.

When Grace posted the video on Twitter she said, “I literally think I just saved someone’s life… I’m shaking y’all…”

And if that wasn’t enough, Grace set up a GoFundMe for Anthony and has already received over $7k.

She has received a lot of positive comments from people on Twitter.

“I KNOW YOU SAVED HIM! That cop looked awfully nervous from my p.o.v. and that’s when shit happens! If it wasn’t for you recording it could have been really bad! THANK YOU FOR DOING SOMETHING! Bless you! 💙💙💙”

“God put you in the right place at the right time! 🙏 #nomistakes”

“Oh my god. Thank you thank you thank you. You did just save a life. Love your calm soothing caring voice “it’s not worth dying for, it’s not worth dying for, they’re killing us out here”. This should be a cop training video.”

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