#Roommates, a Texas woman says she has gained two additional grandsons after they received organs from a relative who was killed in a drive-by shooting last year.

According to reports, her grandson lost his life back in July 2017, and his organs have now given two people a second chance at life.

“ I am claiming you all as my grandsons. Whether you like it or not,” Patricia Ivy said during a ceremony this week at Baylor University Medical Center, according to the Dallas Morning News.

One of those who received an organ was Richard New, whose health was deteriating after receiving a kidney from his wife back in 2010. He was hooked up to a dialysis machine five days a week before he got the news that the hospital had a kidney for him, according to the Morning News.

What’s interesting about this is that Richard had guessed that the kidney he would be receiving was from Patrick after seeing the shooting on the news.

“I’m 36, I’ve lived a great life,” the minister told the newspaper. “I’ve had great opportunities to serve people and the Lord in the Salvation Army. Why me? Why do I need to get Patrick’s organ? Why can’t he just live and the Lord take me?”

Patrick was set to start his second year at Jarvis Christian Powell college when his life was cut short while playing basketball. The site also reported that Patrick wasn’t the shooters target.

“He’s probably very ecstatic right now,” older brother Antonio Jones told the Morning News. “I’m sure his spirit is very moved.”

“I am not Patrick,” New told the newspaper. “Patrick had great opportunities and was driven and was trying to make something of his life. The opportunity to carry on that legacy in some way is really humbling.”