A woman who was traveling from Dallas to Minneapolis on an American Airlines flight died halfway while in the air. Unfortunately, she was shown with the least respect as reports say her lifeless body was dragged down the aisle while about 150 passengers looked on.

According to the NY Post, Theresa Hines was only 48 years old and was traveling alone when she collapsed in the bathroom mid-flight. After about 30 minutes, passengers recognized she was missing during the routine landing procedures and alerted the crew. A few minutes later after staff repeatedly knocked on the bathroom door, they called for paramedics. Paramedics tried to perform CPR, but it was a little bit too late.

Passengers then say, staff removed Theresa’s lifeless body from the bathroom and dragged it down the aisle in front of roughly 152 passengers.

Shortly after her death, the airlines released a statement saying “We are deeply saddened by this event and our thoughts and prayers go out to our passenger’s loved ones,”

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