Whew chile! I’m not a criminal but I’m pretty sure the first rule of stealing baby strollers is to make sure you don’t leave the baby!

According to ABC News, two New Jersey women were arrested for allegedly shoplifting baby stroller and accidentally leaving their baby behind while trying to get away.

The women reportedly enter the store with many children, who they used to distract store employees. The store manager, Justin, says he saw the steal a stroller.

“I had a couple of customers in the store, and then three women walked in behind another customer,” he says. “Two of them distracted me, and then one waled out with the stroller. And then a couple minutes later, one f them comes back in because they left their child in the store.”

Police say all three women then left the store and began to rive away when one of the women realized she left her child behind.

Justin describes the encounter in detail, and expresses he did not want to make any assumptions about the women stealing. He does say, however, something was off.

“I noticed the stroller was gone, however, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so I definitely walked around. the store first and then started checking the camera and then noticed the stroller had been taken,” he says. “And then right before I called the cops, the girl had one walking back in to retrieve the child. And at that point after she had walked out, I said, ‘Hey, I’m pretty sure you guys stole my stroller. I’d like it back.’ And she just kind of ran off, and at that point I dialed 911.”

Both Maryann Cash and Nan McCarthy were arrested and charged with shoplifting and conspiracy.

Stay with us as the story continues to develop, Roomies!