Drake & 6ix9ine Named Potential Witnesses In XXXTENTACION Case

XXXTentacion Murder Trial: Drake & 6ix9ine Among All-Star List Of Potential Witnesses

With Dedrick Williams, one of the four men accused of being involved in the 2018 killing of XXXTentacion, soon heading to trial, his attorney is calling for some big-name stars to take the stand.

Drudging Up Past Beefs With XXXTentacion

According to the Miami Herald, Dedrick’s defense attorney—Mauricio Padilla—filed a list of potential witnesses on Wednesday. Notably, a plethora of “international celebrities” graced the motion.

Specifically, the list named stars who had high-profile beefs with the late rapper. This includes celebs like Drake, 6ix9ine, Joe Budden, Offset, and Quavo. Other XXXTentacion rivals such as 600 Breezy and Top5, along with associates like Ski Mask the Slump God and Tankhead666, were named as well.

The outlet notes that, by listing artists who had feuds with X, the defense may be trying to create doubt about Williams’ involvement in the crime.

We should add that there’s no physical evidence of any of the aforementioned celebrities being at the scene of XXXTentacion’s death. Additionally, while the rappers could possibly be called to testify, they can reportedly challenge the motion due to the lack of evidence.

The Prosecution Isn’t Too Pleased About The Motion

In response to the potential witness list, prosecutor Pascale Achille slammed it as a “deliberate, late disclosure,” as the trial is set for January 9.

“It is apparent from the deliberate, late disclosure of the defendant’s witnesses and comments made between the parties that [the] defendant intended to ‘surprise’ the state and create a trial by ambush.”

However, the defense denied this and shared that, while the situation may not be easy, it can still be accomplished.

“They are high-profile people. And it’s not easy for me to subpoena. I don’t have numbers, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to.”

Ultimately, the judge gave Padilla until Monday to submit his finalized list, along with the potential witnesses’ contact information.

However, Jim Lewis, an attorney representing co-defendant Robert Allen, told the Miami Herald that he thinks the attempt is futile.

“From what I’ve seen in this case, it appears to be a crime of opportunity. There’s nothing to indicate this was a professional hit.”

What do you think about this star-studded list of potential witnesses? Additionally, do you think any celebs will actually testify at the XXXTentacion murder trial?


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