Young Thug's Father Addresses Lil Baby Dissing Gunna

Oop! Young Thug’s Father Shares Words For Lil Baby While Addressing The Rapper’s Criticism Of Gunna (Video)

Young Thug‘s father, Jeffery Williams Sr., is opening up about his son’s trial while sharing words for fellow Atlanta-bred rapper Lil Baby. As The Shade Room previously reported, Yung Thug is one of six defendants facing conspiracy and racketeering charges in Georgia.

The group, which initially consisted of 26 others, was arrested in May 2022. Since then, many of the initial defendants have severed from the case or taken plea deals, like fellow rapper Gunna.

Gunna has since come under criticism from fellow rap peers for his alleged cooperation with authorities.

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Jeffery Williams Sr. Shares Words For Lil Baby

On Tuesday, December 19, Young Thug’s father sat down for a live interview with YouTuber Infamous Silvia. During the conversation, Silva asked Williams Sr. for his thoughts on Lil Baby’s recent criticism of Gunna.

According to TMZ, Lil Baby recently released a song titled ‘350‘ where he takes aim at Gunna, referring to him as a rat. Additionally, Complex reports that Lil Baby also referred to Gunna as a rat while ordering a DJ to stop playing their 2018 hit collab, ‘Drip Too Hard,’ at a recent concert.

“He need to shut the f**k up,” the father explained. “‘Cause he don’t know what’s going on… You know, he’s going off of what he heard — ask Lil Baby if he’s ever came to a court date. See, that’s what I want y’all to ask these rappers and these bloggers … Why haven’t you gone to the courthouse to support your dude? And I guarantee you, you won’t get an answer.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Gunna accepted an Alford plea in the YSL case in December 2022. According to Legal Information Institute, an Alford plea allows one to give a formal admission of guilt to criminal charges while also maintaining their innocence against those same charges.

Additionally, an Alford plea “skips the full process of a criminal trial” because the defendant has accepted the ramifications of a guilty verdict.

Young Thug’s Father Also Opened Up About Watching His Son’s Trial

As the conversation continued, Williams Sr. expressed his feelings on seeing his son in court.

“The atmosphere for me to able to be in that courtroom… I would rather not be there,” the father explained. “Because the hatred is so thick, I can feel it. And I do not appreciate someone having something against my child, that doesn’t even know him.”

Watch Jeffery Williams Sr.’s full sentiments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the father’s emphatic words.

Instagram user wrote.
“LMFAOOO nahhh he meant that shit from the heart 😭😭”
While Instagram user @thecoreyshow added.
“I was expecting virtual bible study vibes and not f bombs … clearly I don’t know Jeffery Sr.”
Others directed their comments toward Lil Baby.
Instagram user @dara_9.19 wrote.
“As much as I love Domonique….he definitely should’ve been there supporting somebody who played a HUGE role in his success fr”
While Instagram user @dallasginawaters added.
“I absolutely do not understand why lil baby keeps throwing shots at that man!”

Instagram user @kingkylelee remarked.

“Leave gunna alone apparently him & thugga good. Stay outta business that ain’t yours🤷🏽‍♂️”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial kicked off in late November after ten months of jury selection. At the moment, the trial has been paused due to the stabbing of Shannon Stillwell who is one of the rapper’s co-defendants.

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