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Young Thug Reveals That He Doesn’t ‘Really Care For Sex’ With His Fiancé

For some of us, it’s important to put sex on the back burner when we enter a new relationship, because we’d like to take the time to get to know the person we’re dating, right? Well, maybe we can’t say the same for rapper Young Thug…or Jeffery.

He and his fiancé,Jerrika Karlae, recently explained that sex has not yet become a major part of their relationship and shockingly, it’s not because they want to abstain. He’s just not really into it!

In an interview with VFiles, the couple also reveal that they haven’t had intercourse at any point during their 6 month relationship.

“We wasn’t doing it on like no ‘it’s too early to have sex’ sh*t,” Young Thug told VFiles. “I don’t care for sex that much. I’ve never actually had sex with her. Never ever. Our first time doin’ grown stuff, she did it. She pulled me to the room and was like ‘come here’.”

Now, Jerrika did think that his disinterest was “weird” and questioned if anything was wrong with him. However, she seems to be pretty secure with herself and in her relationship with Thug.

You guys can check out the rest of the interview below! Thug credits her for teaching him about real relationships and even says that Jerrika is the reason why he drinks water.

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