Judge Grants Young Thug Motion To Suppress Key Evidence

Young Thug Scores Win In RICO Case After Judge Grants Motion To Suppress Evidence

On Thursday (Dec. 15), Young Thug scored an evidence win in his RICO Act case after a judge granted a motion to suppress evidence.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, Thug made his first court appearance in months alongside his legal team, who was seeking the return of the artist’s property. In 2015, officials seized a cell phone, computer, and a small amount of marijuana from Thug’s home. Yesterday, his lawyers labeled the search “illegal,” casting doubt on the existence and credibility of the warrants.

Prosecutors were able to extract additional evidence from Thug’s seized cell phone. However, it’s unclear what kind of evidence they found and whether it’s texts, photos, videos, etc.


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The defense argued to keep the findings out of the trial, while prosecutors said there was no valid reason to return the phone. But Judge Ural Glanville ruled in favor of the defense. So, prosecutors cannot use the associated evidence in the upcoming trial.

According to Complex, Thug’s trial will begin on January 5, 2023. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Williams’ previously requested a trial delay until March 2023, but a judge denied it.

Thug Faces Additional Street Racing Charges

Just days ago, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office added another stack of charges against Thug, real name Jeffrey Williams. According to WSB-TV, Thug faces charges related to street racing, reckless driving, and speeding. All of the misdemeanor charges are related to an incident in May where Thug was reportedly doing 120 mph on Interstate 85.

In response, his lawyer Brian Steel said the criminal justice system is failing the artist.

“As of two weeks ago, that case was being resolved with a seatbelt violation. Today, now it’s indicted in the Fulton County Superior Court. He is being wronged by our system,” Steel said.

The rapper has been in police custody since May after the D.A.’s office indicted him on charges of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and participation in a criminal street gang, Young Slime Life (YSL).

Though his lawyer has argued that YSL is not a criminal street gang and that the acronym stands for Young Stoner Life, a label Thug founded in 2016.

But the prosecution’s paperwork maintains that YSL is a gang formed in 2012 and recently led by Thug. Gunna and 26 other associates were also swept up in the 56-count indictment, which lists alleged crimes such as murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, drug dealing, carjacking, and witness intimidation, per Vulture. 

Gunna Pleads Guilty To Charge In Alford Plea

Earlier this week, Gunna pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. However, the rapper accepted an Alford plea, meaning he acknowledged that it is in his best interest to plead guilty but has not admitted to any crimes.

Gunna received a five-year sentence that was reduced to one year in prison and then commuted to time served. The artist is also responsible for completing 500 community service hours. He was released from jail on December 14.

In his court appearance, he agreed to several YSL-related questions, including the following statement: “I recognize, accept, and deeply regret that my talent and music indirectly furthered YSL the gang to the detriment of my community. YSL as a gang must end.” 


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In a statement following his release, the artist also maintained that he has not cooperated with the prosecution.


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