MrBeast Builds 100 Water Wells In Africa (Video)

We Love To See It! YouTube Top Creator MrBeast Builds 100 Water Wells In Africa (Video)

MrBeast, one of YouTube’s top creators, has gone viral after building 100 water wells in Africa. As The Shade Room previously reported, MrBeast went viral in January after funding cataract surgery for 1,000 people, helping them see again.

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More About MrBeast’s Recent Philanthropic Actions

On Saturday, November 4, MrBeast took to YouTube to upload a video of his most recent actions. The video now sits at over 50 million views. In the 10-minute 29-second clip, viewers are taken along MrBeast’s journey as he begins his efforts in a small village in Kenya.

“You just witnessed a small village in Kenya get access to unlimited clean drinking water in less than a second,” the YouTuber explains to viewers in a voiceover.

As the video continued, the YouTuber explained his intentions further.

“Combined, these 100 wells are going to give around half a million people fresh water to drink,” he explained.

The video continued by showing MrBeast and his team traveling across the continent to various countries and villages. Each location was numbered by the YouTuber, who even showed how the wells were built and how the water would be stored after it was pulled from the ground.

Check out clips from the full video below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their astonished reactions to MrBeast’s actions.

Instagram user @viphair_ashanti wrote.
“This is a blessing for the communities he has assisted. Having the skill set, equipment, resources, and funding to achieve something like this in multiple villages is truly remarkable. Bravo to anyone who wholeheartedly goes out and makes a difference in this world. He should consider Flint, Michigan, USA, next.”
While Instagram user @joyjay_r added.
“This man is a multi billionaire in the making because of the way he gives…Think about that. He really is a beast! 🙏🏾”
Instagram user @vanillevibess remarked.
“That’s literally all he do is constantly give give give away to people he’s amazing. He literally help blind people get surgery all the time as well plenty of other things. The things that he do for people with his money is countless. One of my favorite Youtubers.”
Additionally, singer Tyrese even shared his own thoughts.
“My heart is so happy….. I am so overjoyed by these beautiful gestures…. Bless your hearts for doing this for our people….”

More About MrBeast’s Viral Actions Earlier This Year

It’s important to note that MrBeast’s YouTube uploads usually attain viral viewership with millions of videos per upload. In January, the YouTuber uploaded a viral clip documenting the journey of funding cataract removal surgery for 1,000 people. This helped those who were blind or nearly blind regain full vision.

To date, that video sits at over 163 million views.

Then, four months later, MrBeast displayed similar philanthropic actions when he uploaded a YouTube video assisting 1,000 people who were deaf in hearing for the first time with “cutting-edge technology.”

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