You know what they say in Hollywood, one season you’re in the next your out, so who’s returning to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for season 3? Who’s in.. Who’s out…Who’s joining the show…Let’s chat!


One person who is definitely about to shake up next season is none other than Masika Kalysha, that’s right she’s coming back for the third season! I mean after all she is having Fetty Wap’s child so it seems appropriate, and according to a source connected to the show she’s the HBIC this season.

Apparently Love & Hip Hop cameras were rolling at Masika’s baby shower, and catch this tea, Fetty was supposed to be at the baby shower but was a no show because Masika’s new boyfriend was there and let’s just say Fetty Wap isn’t to fond of this guy.


New to the cast but definitely not new to Hollywood is songwriter/ singer Lyrica. She’s a veteran when it comes to Hollywood game, she wrote the hit song ‘Jealous’ for Beyoncé and wrote a lot of songs for Chris Brown! She will be joining the show with her boyfriend.


Now this next person right here is a shocker. Keyshia’s Cole’s estranged husband, Daniel Gibson, will also be joining the show, if you remember he recently said he wanted to pursue rap so we will see how them bars are once this season airs.

Last season fans were introduced to Miles & Millan but looks like producers were going in a different direction this season because neither of them will be returning, along with Amber. Nastassia Smith will also not be returning.If you remember Omarion and April announced they wouldn’t be returning as well.

Don’t worry #Roommates your favorites MissNikkiBaby, Tierra Mari, Jason Lee, Lil Fizz, Moniece, Soulja Boy, Nia Riley, Ray J, Princess Love, & Hazel E will be back for more drama.

This season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood should be interesting.

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