Mendeecees: Reacts Accusations Of Cheating On Yandy (Videos)

Oop! Mendeecees Seemingly Reacts After Being Accused Of Cheating On Yandy Smith (Videos)

Mendeecees has seemingly reacted to recently being accused of cheating on his wife, Yandy Smith.

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Mendeecees Seemingly Reacts To The Cheating Allegations

On Thursday, April 25, Mendeecees took to his Instagram Story. He shared a clip of a group of people at a zoo watching a monkey as it crawled on a fence.

As the video plays, a person stretches out their hand to touch the monkey’s lower body. Almost instantaneously, the monkey reacts by attacking another bystander and seemingly attempting to bite their face.

Over the video clip, Mendeecees added audio from Hunxho’s single, ’48 Laws of Power.’

Hunxho raps:

“Rule number one, do it right and you won’t have to do it twice / Rule number two, make sure you’re ready when you’re gamblin’ with your life / Rule number three, remember karma it will come back and it will bite you / Rule number four, don’t be scared to fail, you fail if you don’t try…”

Furthermore, Mendeecees also added a brief text to the post — making it clear he wanted the internet to stop playing with his name,

“I don’t even play on the internet however leave me alone! First and last time”

At this time, Yandy Smith has yet to directly address the recent allegations against her husband. However, she did return to social media on Thursday, April 25, to show how her evening the day before “became a movie.”

Some Instagram users appear to believe Smith not addressing the internet chatter and opting to post the video instead means she’s “unbothered.”

In Smith’s comment section, Instagram user @darose2024 wrote, “A unbothered queen💜”
While Instagram user @laricataughtyou added, “It’s giving rich and unbothered 👏😍”

Here’s How The Accusations Went Viral

As The Shade Room previously reported, the accusations against Mendeecees went viral earlier this week. On Wednesday, April 25, Instagram user @livebitez shared footage of Alexis Skyy and a friend on Instagram Live.

During the stream, Skyy’s friend made the allegations against Mendeecees.

“Mendeecees has been cheating on Yandy since they got on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and I know a couple women that he was looking at… about a year ago. Let me tell you something: Yandy ain’t exciting him no more. Let me tell you something: Mendeecees is cheating on Yandy…”

Although Skyy was present while her friend shared the allegations, he noted that she was unaware of any of the information he divulged.

Alexis Skyy Recently Apologized For Her Role In The Matter

Then, on April 25, Skyy apparently returned to Instagram Live with a public apology for Yandy and Mendeecees.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to Mendeecees and Yandy about speaking on their marriage and I know I didn’t really say anything, but just being present in that situation is not okay,” she said.

Ultimately, Skyy explained that her friend’s accusations left her in “shock.” However, it was “wrong” of her to allow the incident to occur in her presence.

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