You know getting in a relationship is one thing, but putting it on social media is another. You know #Roommates its all cute and fun until the relationship goes SOUTH, and then everybody knows the tea because all the pics of the two of you will be gone off of each others pages. This brings us to Kehlani and Kyrie Irving because from what it seems they are both back on the market.

The question I’m sure you want to know is what happened?
Well that question remains unclear but yesterday was Kyrie’s birthday and he and Kehlani still had pictures of each other together, but now they don’t. Now it’s possible that they could’ve broken up after what his baby mother said to Kehlani, or they may simply be taking a break. One thing is for sure is that eventually the tea will spill.

TSR STAFF: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee

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