Matt Jordan is back at it again with the Kenya shade and this time he’s not holding back!

Matt took to his Instagram to go in on Miss Gone With The Wind Fabulous and said:

“Please stop lying!!! The whole abusive boyfriend thing I’ll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place.”

He then came for Kenya and her age saying, “Sweetie you are 45 years old and single.” Oop.

He was spilling all the hunty! Alleging that Kenya called his publicist to take down a picture of him and Marlo Hampton because people apparently said he looked better with her. He then added that Kenya blocked him from going to a fitness event for Porsha.

In his post, Matt posted a pictured collage of Kenya with some of fhe most “legend/iconic ‘brothers'” as he calls them.

“If you want the attention of any of those Brothers in the photo then contact their publicist. All respect intended I wish one of them would have married you so it wouldn’t be another heartbroken sister out here.” Daaaamn Matt! That’s how you feel?!

Read the full post below.

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