Karlie Redd was facing some serious legal troubles after a rapper accused her of ruining his reputation after she allegedly claimed that he raped her but now it looks like she may be in the clear!

According to The Jasmine Brand, Christopher Powe aka Pharoah had filed a $1 million lawsuit against the reality star after he claims that Karlie Redd ran to the press accusing him of trying to rape her on top of trying to take pictures of her while she was sleeping. He had also requested that Karlie release a retraction and apology for her defamatory comments.

Well, unfortunately for the rapper, his case was thrown out after he failed to properly serve Karlie her papers even after the judge granted him an extension.

Powe admits that the pair had been in a relationship but claims that it was Karlie who went crazy on him on the night in question.

via The Jasmine Brand:

“He filed a police report stating the two were in a romantic relationship and got into a fight while at an ATL hotel. Powe claimed Redd was drunk and went crazy, even threatening to spread lies about him raping her.

Powe said he tried to leave the room but she locked herself in the bathroom with his stuff – including 2 phones – and said she was going to flush them.

He ran to get hotel security but when they got to the room she was gone and she left his stuff in the room safe. Redd responded, saying she feared for her safety and caught him taking pictures of her sleeping, which he was trying to cover up.”



Welp, at least Karlie Redd can put this behind her and live happily ever after with her new boo Ceaser.

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Source: http://thejasminebrand.com/2017/03/20/exclusive-karlie-redd-1-million-legal-battle-w-over-alleged-rape-accusations-dismissed/#ixzz4bthmtoU5

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