Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors met for the third time in three years at the NBA Finals for Game 1. While the Warriors ultimately got the win, the real winner was Rihanna!

#Roommates, the Internet was set on fire with the anticipation of last night’s game but RiRi’s unexpected arrival eclipsed the event itself. The megastar proved to be too much of a distraction for long time NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy who couldn’t help himself and announced her arrival on live national television during one of the most electrifying dunks of the game. Going on to say: “I don’t know about this, but Rihanna just walked in front of me.”

Now if you keep up with Rihanna, you know she’s a huge LeBron James fan. During the game she was seen bowing in front of LeBron and openly heckling Kevin Durant during free throws. That wasn’t the first time she’s publicly shown her admiration for him. During last year’s finals she put up some Instagram posts in support of LeBron and the Cavaliers winning the championship.

RiRi is a basketball fan just like the rest of us, she just so happens to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Make no mistake, as this series heats up be sure to keep a watchful eye on our favorite bad girl!


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