#Roommates, a New York City police union recently released a video claiming that “blue racism” is just as bad as actual racism.

The video, posted on the Sergeants Benevolent Association YouTube page, describes “blue racism” as prejudice against cops and it’s received a lot of online criticism, some calling it both offensive and laughable.

“The average person doesn’t see those things that make me human,” the video states. “They don’t even label me based on being African-American, Latino, Asian, Caucasian and so on. They tend to see an even broader stereotype through an even more racist lens. When they see me, they see blue.”

The NAACP responded to video by calling it “reprehensible.”

“This video demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of our nation’s sordid history of racism, including law enforcement’s role in perpetuating past and current discrimination,” the group said in a statement. “Communities of color face racism every day, and have been victims of hate and other crimes across this nation because of the color of their skin.”

Roomies, check out the clip and tell us your thoughts.

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