#Birdman may not being paying #LilWayne (allegedly!) but he paid someone else though! Birdman decided to put his money where his mouth is and placed a wager on last night’s Super Bowl game between the Patriots and the Eagles with rapper Ar-Ab. The Eagles ended up taking home the trophy and Birdman paid him $200k cash money!

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Ar-AB broke the news that he and Birdman put a hefty bet on the table. “Somebody Tell My OG @birdman5star $100,000 is a BET…. I️ Bet Da House On My #EAGLES,” he wrote.

Birdman confirmed the bet on social media but I’m guessing he’s feeling a way about losing because it’s no longer up.

Since the post, the wager had went up to $150k and later $200k.

“I️ ain’t do nuffin but buy more houses and pay for my homies Lawyers and Appeal Lawyers,” he wrote.

Gotta love football #Roommates!

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