Chance The Rapper continues to put on for his hometown of Chicago, and the city’s youth. Now he has helped propose a $2 million funding challenge to help benefit Chicago’s youth in a new way.

According to The Fader, on Wednesday, Chance teamed up with Chicago Beyond, a “venture philanthropy fund,” to announced the Go Innovate Challenge.

Chicago Beyond is now accepting 90-second video pitches from all over to help come up with new and positive ideas. Chance said in a Facebook video, “Submit the ideas. We’d love to fund them as long as they positively impact the City of Chicago.”

Chicago Beyond explained more about the challenge in a statement, “The challenge is designed to find and invest in innovative programs, ideas or approaches that disrupt chronic challenges facing young Chicagoans.”

Recently it was announced that Chance The Rapper would be receiving the Humanitarian Award at this year’s BET Awards for all of the different ways he continues to give back to his city.


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