christina millianTEA ALERT: Christina Millian recently split from her fiancé, again. Now, we don’t understand why these beautiful women can’t seem to keep a man for long enough! It just doesn’t make any sense, less attractive women have kept a man for longer. However, this time Christina says it wasn’t her fault. She implies that her Fiance was slippin’ and we think that means he was CHAYTIN’ (really bad cheatin’ y’all). Read what she said below:





Also, there is some TEA brewing between Cassie and Diddy for sure! Cassie unfollowed Diddy last night on Instagram and just followed him again early this MAWNING. You know the #ROOMMATES don’t miss a beat! Check out the receipt below. Now for some of you that will say, “That doesn’t mean anything.” Let us know the last time you unfollowed your boyfriend on instagram? Something had to have gone wrong!



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