#Roommates, #RKelly can’t catch a break! His most recent misfortune came while he was away on tour. Sources say two of his Georgia homes were burglarized by thieves pretending to be movers!

According to @NYDailyMail, R.Kelly caught wind of the break in when a cleaning lady, who was supposed to be maintaining the properties, called police to let them know there was a break in and “everything was gone.”

The good news is authorities may have already caught a suspect. It seems while police were speaking to neighbors they were told several men pulled up to R.Kelly’s home and just took things out the house into a moving van as if they were hired movers. These suspects must have gotten a little TOO arrogant cause cops returned the following day to continue questioning and caught the men right in the act and arrested them on the spot!

The craziest part about all of this is after detaining the men at the scene one of them informed the cops they were hired by one of R.Kelly’s associates named #AlfonsoWalker! As of now, police are focusing on getting the items back in R.Kelly’s possession. The only issue is apparently so many things were stolen they can’t keep track of all the items.

It really be your own people #Roommates! SMH, make sure you stay woke out here everyone!

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/kelly-georgia-homes-burglarized-article-1.3681405

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