Its a common saying that you never discuss religion or politics at the dinner table but it looks like Tiffany & Co ain’t here for it either! Apparently the luxury jewelry retailer fired their former marketing director, Kristin Rightnour after a conversation she had with two coworkers ( one Catholic and a Jew)  went left!

According to TMZ, the incident took place right before Easter weekend began. Allegedly, Rightnour had started a conversation where she discussed how she heard that Catholics believe Jews killed Jesus Christ! The Jewish colleague immediately grew uncomfortable and said: “They didn’t teach us any of this in Hebrew school!”

Well word got around fast to HR and they had to kick that azzz to the curb after she was first put on one-year probation. Now she is suing for at least $42,000 because she claims thats how much her bonus was supposed to be before they fired her. She has also filed a complaint with the United States Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. 

Rightnour argued that the conversation did not go the way that HR had received it, denying that she even mentioned Jews killing Jesus. Her lawyers stated that she “vigorously denied… having ever said anything of the sort while simultaneously maintaining, when asked, that she is in fact a devout Catholic, that her religion was known to her colleagues, and that what Ms Rightnour had explained is indeed a standard Catholic belief.”

Tiffany & Company has yet to respond about the matter. Lets chat below



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