Earlier this week actor/ author Hill Harper revealed on Good Morning America, he adopted a son named Pierce 18 months ago.

During his interview with Robin Roberts, he talked about what inspired him to enter single fatherhood.

Harper said it all started when a friend staged an “intervention” back in 2015. “I always thought I was going to get married, have my own kids and I was going to adopt. I had talked about adopting and I had talked about wanting to be this dad,” said Harper.

He continued to say, his friend told him, “You’re going to be a great dad but I think you’re waiting too long. You may get to a point where you’ll decide you’re not going to do it. Even though you’re not married, why can’t you just be a dad now?’”

The friend convinced him to meet with an “adoption person,” where he learned more about the process. However, he did admit that he didn’t think he was ready at the time.

Harper continued to say, “Fast-forward to right before Thanksgiving of that year; I get a call from him (the adoption specialist). I was shooting a show called “Limitless,” at the time. I was in my dressing room and I didn’t know why he was calling me. He says, ‘There’s a wonderful young woman who is having a son in three weeks. Would you be interested in adopting him?”

Harper made the decision to become a father and left the set of “All Eyez On Me,” to be there for Pierce’s birth. “I was there in the delivery room and I cut the cord,” said Harper.

He continued, “I’m so proud that Pierce — his name is Pierce Hill Harper– that Pierce chose me to be his dad.”


Check out the interview below:

Source: http://www.vibe.com/2017/06/hill-harper-reveals-that-he-adopted-a-son-talks-single-fatherhood/

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